Bakeless Bake Sale

BakelessBakeSale3rd Annual Bakeless Bake Sale

To benefit the Rolling Greens
Benevolent Fund


A bit of news we have today, a bakeless bake sale is on the way.
On these busy days, now who could bake a pie, cookies or even a cake.

You’d be surprised if you could count the cost of materials, heat or time you’ve lost. Cooking for a sale is extra work, that nobody wishes to shirk.OperationNiceBakelessSale

So we borrowed a plan that really is good, and we feel you will understand.
In an envelope please put the price of a cake, or pie or something nice.  Without fuss or bother you have done your part. We are sure you will give with a willing heart.

Place the envelope in the RGHOA Box on the wall in the Auditorium from May 1st to September 1st, 2016.  This is the end of our tale, wish us success with our Bakeless Bake Sale.



Contact Abby McNeel 610-217-2404 or
Bonnie Locke 789-4557





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