Christmas Golf Cart Parade

christmasgolfcartparadergOur 11th Annual Parade & Contest!
This is one of the many highlights of the Christmas season at Rolling Greens. It is open to the entire community and the more that participate the more fun it is for everyone. Those who choose to be in the golf cart parade itself will decorate their carts in any way they desire (doesn’t have to be fancy) in keeping with the Christmas theme. They will gather up around dusk, usually at the cul-de-sac at the end of Easy Street. From there the parade will follow a route and drive through out the community, staying mostly on the bigger streets due to the size of the parade. Residents who are not in the parade will turn on their house lights and gather in front of their houses by the street or in their driveways or porches to watch and cheer as their neighbors in the mechanized “sleighs” drive past. At the end of the parade the community – not just those who paraded – will gather up at the Auditorium for light holiday cheer and the traditional singing of Christmas carols.

When: Sunday, December 17, 2017
Time: Gather up for assembly at 6:00 PM
Where: Assembly is at the Easy Street Loop
Agenda: After the parade all residents to gather at the Auditorium for light refreshments and the traditional singing of our favorite Christmas carols.
Note: Once the parade passes your house, it is time to head to the Auditorium.
See Photos and Videos of the 2016 Christmas Golf Cart Parade HERE


Golf Cart Parade – 2014 (Photos Courtesy of Tim & Chris Carroll)
Photos of Golf Carts in Parade – 2013

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