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PresidentSandy Leach – [email protected] 352-509-2390

1st Vice-President – Kathy Allen[email protected] 352-509-2234

2nd Vice-Pesident – Kerry Ellis  [email protected] 813-838-4418

Secretary – Bob Senge  [email protected] 302-743-4557

Treasurer  Michael Stone  [email protected] 561-445-2004

Area 1 Director – Diane Weingartner – [email protected] 352-694-3976

Area 2 Director – Linnea Corneilson  [email protected]  352-624-2786

Area 3 Director – Douglas Wedel – [email protected] 608-513-8761

Area 4 Director – Bonnie Quackenbush  [email protected] 352-624-1114


Webmaster — Timothy Hilgeford [email protected] 770-634-5706
Newsletter Editor — Donna Furce [email protected] 352-236-0007

What Does the HOA Do for ME?
By Charles Pennington

I'm saving...thanks to my HOA

I’m saving…thanks to my HOA

It’s 2016 and time for everyone to pay their HOA dues. Every year the Board struggles to keep all previous members and to add new members. The Board had tried every incentive to increase membership. While on a door-to-door campaign seeking new members, the number one question was, “What does the HOA do for me?” Let me try to explain something that means a lot to EVERY resident. Our prospectus provides for park management to increase our lot rent 5% or CPI, whichever is the greatest. In 2010, the Board appointed a “rent committee’ to negotiate a new rent agreement. Effective 2011 thru 2015, our rent is 3% or the CPI; and 2016 thru 2020 it will be 3.25% or the CPI. As of this year, we are already saving $40.50 to $50.00 per month depending on the category of lot that you have. That’s a savings of $486.00 to $600.00 per year per residence. Now, my question is “Why you can’t pay $15.00 to join the HOA?” Every resident benefits from the HOA, please support them in their efforts to make the community better for everyone.

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