Garden Plots

gardenplotsRolling Greens has a nice garden plot area that has water available. For you former farmers, green thumb types, or those who just want to get their hands dirty, this is the place for you. They are popular so plots are not always available…and patience is a virtue. Many residents benefit from the abundant crops produced in these plots as the “former farmers of America” often donate the excess produce to their friends and neighbors.


POC: Gary Ackerman 624-0546 email me
Where: Map
Cost: Free
Note: There is usually a waiting list to get a plot, so be sure to contact the POC and get on the list if you are interested.
Special Announcement: Garden Veggies are being grown on the outside of the fence at the garden area. These Vegetables, when they are ready, are for anyone in Rolling Greens that would like some of them. You pick them yourself and please take only what you need. There are Green beans and corn as well as cucumber, radish and tomato’s – again, these are for ALL RESIDENTS, but please take only what you can eat so they can be shared with lots of Residents. For more information please call Tom Flesch at 715-216-2842.
To see how well the gardens are doing, just click here

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