Guys Group

GuysSmallOctober 2014 marks the birth of a new group here at Rolling Greens: The “Guys Group,” AKA “The Boys Club.” Based upon the premise that our second childhood has got to better than our first, a group of guys in Rolling Greens thought it would be nice if,GoodGuysClub say, once a month a group of guys get together and do those type of things that might not normally be all that appealing to the fairer sex, i.e., our bosses. Such events might include car shows, airboat rides, air shows, spring training baseball games, party boat TakeMeOutToTheBallGamefishing trips, dirt track racing, quad running, volunteering at the LPGA in January here in Ocala, guy movies, and…well, you get the picture. The group has no organizational structure, no leadership, and is open to any guy living in Rolling Greens. The plan is to pick an event, notify those who have indicated an interest, then, whoever wants to go can meet at one of the clubhouse parking lots and carpool to the event. Suggestions are always welcome as to events that might be of interest. Every effort will be to not schedule an event that conflicts with a Major eventBoysOnly here at Rolling Greens. But, since this is such an active park with so many events, there will always be some conflict. No one is ever obligated to go to any of the events. You are free to pick and choose which ones might be appealing to you. The whole idea is to offer an opportunity to head outside the park once a month and do something guys might enjoy. Obviously this cannot work unless there is someway to let “the guys” know what is going on each month. So, any guy living in Rolling Greens who thinks he might be interested in participating in an activity like this from time to time, needs to sign up, as outlined below.GuySpa

POC: Ron Snyder ([email protected]) or 336-317-9889
Note: Contact Ron if you would like to be added to the no obligation notification list. All participants to an activity pay their own way.
Activity: Car Show & BBQ for Men
Where: Meadowbrook Baptist Church, 4741 SW 20th St., Ocala, FL. 34474. The church is located on  the West side of Ocala off 60th Ave. near the airport.
When: October 25, 2015
Time: 6:00 PM
Meet: 5:00 PM carpool forms up
Cost: $5.00pp (includes the BBQ)
More Details: This event is being coordinated by Don Davis. Those interested need to call Don and arrange tickets and meeting time/location. Don’s cell phone number is 775-990-9964.


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