HOA Board Minutes

Rolling Greens Homeowners Association of Ocala, Inc



Meeting opened with Pledge of Allegiance, God Bless America and a moment of silence for those we have lost
President called the meeting to order at 7 PM
Guest Speakers: Wes, Newby Management, commented on:
Vicki Winn’s retirement on Sept 29, 2017
Luke will replace performing most of her duties
He commented generally on the letters regarding Duke Energy and the loss of power
Residents commented on how the power loss should be addressed, problems with communicating with the elderly and availability of services after the hurricane
In the future after a storm, the auditorium and the community center will be open for all with needs being addressed
Secretary’s Report was read & approved
Treasurer’s Report was read & approved
President’s Comments – she addressed the situation with the hurricane and aftermath.
Secretary’s Comments – she spoke about survey in the newsletter, the article answering question regarding the HOA, and the rent calculation that was given to Newby for review prior to going into the November newsletter
Area 1 Director’s Comments – thank you to the Area 1 residents for pulling together & addressing the power problem with Duke Energy
Area 2 Director’s Comments – spoke about attitude & gratitude, and coming together after the hurricane
Area 4 Director’s Comments – also expressed her thanks to residents for helping each other thru a difficult time
New Business – addressed the upcoming elections and the vote on the changes to the bylaws in December
Other Commentators:
Dave Peck – HOA Elections in & announcement of candidates in November
Kay Loper – Operation Shoe Box
Rich Allen– VVA, memorial wall & Veterans Day cookout at the Ritz on Nov 11th
Charles Pennington – VFD Pancake Breakfast October 14th
Linda Lee Krebes – Arts & Craft Fair Nov 11th from 9 to 2
Bob Krebes – flu shoots October 18th from 9 to 1
Bob Frantz – tie down program with possibility of management adding their properties to the list
Bob Senge – formation of a coed softball league
Sandie Leach – Meet & Greet is October 11th at 2 PM
Meeting adjourned at 8:35 PM.
Respectfully submitted,

Sandra Leach, Secretary

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