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Read all about it...

Read all about it…


This page will spotlight Rolling Greens residents or former residents that have, in some way, gotten themselves in the news. From award winning performances to just being in the right spot at the right time, this page is for all those who some how became “news worthy.” If you know of any such people, please get the info, hopefully with a copy of the article, to the webmaster so their moment in the news can be shared with all. And, if it is YOU, well, don’t be bashful, send it in.

  • Our own Art Nash who just turned 100 years young was recently in the Ocala Star Banner, See photos and Video.
  • Rich Bagley of W. Gleneagles, is a graduate of the Marion County Sheriff’s Office CERT program and Citizens Academy Class VII in November. He is also a member of the Marion County Search And Rescue. Graduation photo is HERE.
  • A number of Rolling Greens residents were in the news here recently. Here is a picture that includes 8 of your neighbors. Can you find all 8? Click here to find out. See Names Here.
  • While not a person this time, I still thought this was a worthwhile article that our residents would want to see, in case they missed it when it was published. This article is about our community – Rolling Greens – and appeared in the March 2014 edition of Ocala Style magazine. You can view it here.
  • Our very own Bud Estatico (Sunningdale) was recently in the news. His Northern home is in Pennsylvania, which is where this article is from. I apologize for the lousy cropping job, but I think you can still get the gist of the article despite my hack job. This article just goes to prove that Bud “the Stud” is a star on the Pickleball court no matter where he is. Congrats to Bud and Barb. Come on over to the Rolling Greens Pickleball complex and you can see Bud “the Stud” in action.  Hint: He’s the one that is just a blur! To see the article for yourself, just CLICK HERE.
  • Unfortunately I learned that it is hard to get a good copy from a newspaper. But I  think you can still enjoy reading about one of Rolling Greens’ own couples being shown in the Ocala Star Banner newspaper. The article was about the “Four chaplins’ sacrifice memorialized,” a ceremony held at the Ocala-Marion County Veterans Memorial Park. The two persons sitting on the bench are our very own Patrick and Eli McFaul (Lakewood). The article and photos are here.
  • On April 22, 2014, our very own Peggy Heier (Carlow Terr) graduated from the Marion County Sheriff’s Office Citizens Academy & Partnership Class III. Congratulations Peggy! See Graduation Photo Here.
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