importantnoticeImportant messages from the Park Management and/or the Rolling Greens Homeowner’s Association will be posted here (when made available). Due to the scope, duration and importance of the Park Renovation Project, we are putting a special link on the Home page that will take you directly to this Major Happening.




The FEMA packets and hurricane preparedness information is now in and can be picked up at the Community Center kiosk.

The Recycle Bin that used to be over by the old library is  now located near the dog park. Please remember this is a Recycle BinNo plastic bags. No trash. No garbage.

WARNING! There is currently a scam going on whereby you might receive a phone call allegedly from Windows/Microsoft telling you that you have a virus and that they can fix it if you just let them have remote access to your computer. THIS IS A SCAM…DO NOT COMPLY WITH THEIR REQUEST. MICROSOFT DOES NOT OPERATE THAT WAY.

WARNING! There is currently a scam going on whereby you might receive a phone call (or email) allegedly from the IRS. If a message is left on your voicemail it will be from the number 415-234-0491. Do NOT call them back – even though their message will imply you will be in trouble if you do not call them back. If you answer such a call, do NOT give them any personal information. Such a call has been made to a resident of Rolling Greens. The Marion County Sheriff’s Office has opened an official investigation. More here

IMPORTANT MESSAGE: When you take your recyclables to the recycle bins inside a plastic bag, you must empty out the contents and NOT put the plastic bag in the bin.  Plastic trash/yard bags are NOT recyclable. Thank you.

WARNING ALERT FROM THE ROLLING GREENS’ OFFICE: Don’t get caught in a scam to take your money. It’s been reported to the RG office that calls are being made to residents to set appointments to have their roof checked or for a review of any repairs that may have been permitted in the past couple of years. The contractor informs you repairs are necessary. These repairs may cost $1000’s of dollars and may not be required. Protect yourself . Get a written estimate, get contractor information that includes business card with phone number, Florida contractor license and insurance information. Then follow-up with the contractor who did your original work. It’s always a good idea to contact the Better Business Bureau (352.378.0406) as well as getting a 2nd estimate. Rolling Greens has a NO SOLICITATION sign posted at our entrances. If you are being bothered by a door to door sales person, you have the right to contact the Sheriff’s Department to have them removed, then call the office to have security escort them away. Rolling Greens office does NOT give any sales people the okay to solicit within the community. (1.6.15)

Internet at WCH has new passworddetails here
Garden Veggies are being grown on the outside of the fence at the garden area. These Vegetables, when they are ready, are for anyone in Rolling Greens that would like some of them. You pick them yourself and please take only what you need. For more information please call Tom Flesch at 715-216-2842.

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