Proposed New Activities

Proposed Activity List

Proposed Activity List

If you would like to get an activity going here in the park, this is the place to list it. You can list it by just emailing [email protected] to let your webmaster know. Please include some details about the activity as well as a way (phone/email) to contact you. Listed here are activities that someone(s) in the park would like to see get started. Their contact information is also listed. If you have an interest in such an activity, then you can contact the POC directly and let them know. Should an activity on this page “go active,” I would ask that you let me know so I can remove it from this page and add it to the Activities page.


  • Card Players Wanted! Anyone interested in learning Canasta or Skip-Bo, please call Marti Vetter 908-910-8294
  • OMAHA CARD GAME PLAYERS Elsie Kirkland Interested in playing Omaha and/or Omaha hi-lo? Planning on a Wednesday night, 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm at the West Club House card room. A quarter/half game. Call Elsie Kirkland at 369-6391. We are looking for a few more players, don’t know how to play, no problem you can learn while you play.
  • GENEALOGY  Interested in starting a Genealogy group????  Let’s get together. Contact Alice Perkins email [email protected] or by phone 585-245-3954

Dominos: As played by Cubans, Dominicans and Puerto Ricans. Played in foursome, two against two – not a game of luck, you have to know the rules and use your brains. Need two more to get a group going. Call Francis Tholenaar at 609-433-0026.

  • Cards: Skip-Bo, Phase 10, Uno and others. Play once a week. If interested, call Nancy Laird at 694-1020.
  • Board Games: Need 3 to 6 people to play different board games once a week. If interested, call Nancy Laird at 694-1020
  • Walk-and-Fart Club: We could meet at one of the clubhouses in the fartcartoonmorning at a time convenient to most, and just walk around the park. We could even have a set route and those who know the route could just wait and join us as we pass by. If interested just drop an email to [email protected]
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