User Tips

notebookandpenWe hope you find this site easy to use. This page was created to help you in that regard. If you find anything difficult or would like to make any suggestions that you feel would make it easier to navigate and find information, please just click on the link at the bottom of this – or any – page to send an email to the webmaster.

Now for a few tips…

  • The home page (front page/main page) is primarily for window dressing – it looks pretty and it has a full menu, so after checking the weather and being wowed by the slide show, move on to the real “engine” of the site….Oh, please note that ALL the Menu Labels are clickable. For example, Activities is what you click on to go to the Activities Page. When your cursor moves over some of the Menu items, it will bring up a sub-menu that are also clickable to go to those pages.
  • The real “engine” of the site is the Activities page. It is our goal to have every known activity, event and happening going on in Rolling Greens on this page. It is also our intent to make each page a one-stop source for all the information you would need to participate in that activity, event or happening. Can’t do it without YOUR help. Please take “ownership” of YOUR page. NOTE: To see the activities themselves, you must click on the word Activities in the menu bar, not just have your cursor hover over it.
  • The Calendar Page is there for a quick, convenient way to see what is happening…when. While I strive to make it complete and accurate, there are no guarantees in life; but, with YOUR help, we can make it as good as humanly possible. It can be viewed in 3 ways: daily, weekly and monthly. You can click on an event for more details. You can also apply filters via Categories and Tags to just see card games, for example.
  • If you would like to get a new activity going, this site would be a great way to let others know. Just click on the webmaster link at the bottom of any page to get your information posted. Please be as detailed as you can and be sure to include contact information – phone number as well as email. In fact, under Resources there is a sub-menu for Proposed New Activity that will take you to a page where you will find your submissions posted.
  • Whenever you send anything to the webmaster it is best to send it as just plain (old) text. Nothing fancy like you would send to a paper publisher – that just messes up the html coding we use to publish to the internet. If you have pictures to send, or anything else that you cannot include in an email, please just attach it to the email.
  • A special note about email. There are literally hundreds of ways for people to do email. That makes it impossible to write a script that will work for all computers and all the ways they can be configured. Scripts, like the one we use on this website, are made to work with a variety of email clients. What is an email client? Webopedia defines it this way: “An application that runs on a personal computer or workstation and enables you to send, receive and organize e-mail. It’s called a client because e-mail systems are based on a client-server architecture. Mail is sent from many clients to a central server, which re-routes the mail to its intended destination.” Confused yet? The point I am trying to make is, not all people use an email client to do email. Many simply use their web browser, even though this was not its intended purpose. Since the script on this site only works with an email client, like Windows Live Mail (Windows 7), Windows Mail (Windows 8), Outlook Express, Outlook, Thunderbird, Opera, etc., if you use a web browser to do your email, it will probably not work for you. This means if you click on the bottom of this page, for example, to “submit info to Webmaster,” you will probably get an error message. If you ever need to send an email to the Webmaster, all you have to do is to open whatever you use for email, and type [email protected] in the “To” block. Likewise, all officers and area directors have their emails listed in the Rolling Greens Phone Directory as well as each issue of the Rolling Greens Newsletter.
  • Remember, this is YOUR website. The more you send, to include pictures, the more interesting you will make it for others. Never hesitate to include more – or to make suggestions for improvement. Together we truly can make this “Your One-Stop Source for All Things Rolling Greens”.

Websites are all about the timely dissemination of information. The blood of any website is the flow of information. This website belongs to all those residing in Rolling Greens. It is up to all residents to try to faithfully “keep the blood flowing” – without it, just as with us humans, it will die. To truly make this website the one-stop source for all things Rolling Greens, we need to not only make sure it is complete and comprehensive in its scope, but that it is kept up-to-date at all times. This means, for example, that when the golf tournament or league play is over, someone takes a few minutes to just email the results to the webmaster. Same for the card groups and any other activity where “scores” are kept. To make this website all that it can be, something we can all take pride in and make and keep relevant, it is important that we all think — Thank you and enjoy YOUR site!

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